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Project Description
Collection of tools usefull for creating Netduino and .NET Micro Framework applications.

Features will be added, when they reach an acceptable progress and stability. Documentation will be added at some point, when theres some spare time.

Current features

Plus Module
Use a Netduino Plus as a Go Module for the most common file and networking operations.
Notice: When resetting the Go, also reset the Plus or it will fail. To determine the current networkstatus and IP-address, use the PING command (Main instance). If network is available, the IP-address will be attached to the response.

A basic Tcp Listener is now uploaded. The code is still very early beta!

Also an very early beta. The protocol is not completely implemented. No passive mode available.

Xml Parser
The Xml parser doesn't return a object of a deserialized kind, but turns the Xml Document into a XmlElement-object, where from elements can be read. The current Xml parser requires the whole document to be loaded in the memory before parsing it, which can take a lot up a lot of memory. It's planned to be rewritten, so it's more memory friendly.

Coming features

HTTP Server
Helpers for remote controlling a .NET MF device, including network discovery
Ultra-lightweight HTTP client

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